The Banner Saga Playthrough-Part One

Hey everybody, I know, I haven’t written a post of any kind in forever.  I have no good excuse for not doing any, so I’m not going to offer one, instead, I’ll just start creating new ones on a more regular basis.

In addition to normal blog posts, I’ve also started a no-commentary playthrough of the first Banner Saga Game.  This first part encompasses the first two chapters, future playthroughs will be one chapter at a time.

The Banner Saga is a Trilogy of Strategy RPG’s with a strong emphasis on mature storytelling and difficult decisions.  Gameplay is split between a tactical chess-like battle system and an adventure game-esque caravan simulator, reminiscent of the Oregan Trail.

The first Banner Saga game (aptly titled “The Banner Saga”) is a Low-Fantasy Nordic epic following two bands of refugees as they flee from a mysterious foe in a world were the sun itself has stopped in the sky only days ago.  Released in 2014, it received universal acclaim for its gorgeous art style (inspired by Eyvind Earle, the artist who created Disney’s Sleeping Beauty) and evocative score by Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory.  It went on to spawn an entire trilogy of games, where every choice you make has lasting consequences that carry into the next entry.

Interested?  I hope so.  Below I’ve embedded the first part of my playthrough, on YouTube.  It clocks in around 1:42 hours, further entries will be shorter.  It’s available to watch up to 1080p60, though is available at lower resolutions if that’s all your device can output.  If you enjoy the first two chapters please continue to watch my playthrough (new parts released every few days) and support the developers at Stoic Studios by purchasing their games and soundtracks.  The Banner Saga Trilogy is available on all major platforms (including smartphones) and is rated T for Teen.


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