The Banner Saga Playthrough-Part Five


Hey everyone, and welcome to the penultimate chapter in my playthrough of the Banner Saga!

If you’re new to my playthrough but are interested in watching, I’d strongly recommend going back and watching Parts OneTwoThree and Four first.

In this episode, I play through most of Chapter 7, and promptly lose to the final boss because I’m very rusty at the game. Rook and friends are finally reunited, along with some new allies and potential foes. But they have little time for reunion, as Bellower is already here, and the final battle (at least for the first game!) is upon them.

Next time I will replay and (hopefully) beat the final battle, and watch the ending. Tissues recommended for the credits.

If you’ve enjoyed my playthrough so far continue to watch and please and support the developers at Stoic Studios by purchasing their games and soundtracks.  The Banner Saga Trilogy is available on all major platforms (including smartphones) and is rated T for Teen.

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