One Punch Man 2×07 Review: The Class S Heroes

A better than average episode finished up the tournament arc and introduces several new heroes.

In spite of the title, “The Class S Heroes” is only partly about the titular hero rank. We do see several Class S heroes enter the fray and fight against the surprise attack of the Monster Association. The Martial Arts Tournament also ends, with a bit of a twist, though of course Saitama “wins”. We also learn a shocking revelation about Monsters and potentially how they’re created.

Episode 7 continues Season 2’s trend of mixed animation quality, perhaps even exemplifying it. Most fights are fast-paced and dynamic, though some scenes are little more than moving slides. The hero and monster designs are as good as ever, though.

Worry not, for One Punch Man is still hilarious. Full of clever dialogue, visual gags and intentionally ridiculous dialogue this episode doesn’t disappoint.

Garou is largely absent from this episode, though his threat does lead to a meeting of the Holy Order of the Sword. Worried about the growing danger of Garou, all but one member decide they must take him on. This one member had apparently been approached by the Monster King and given some sort of “monster seed”, the exact nature of which is not made clear. They do grant some kind of monstrous power, perhaps even transforming those who take it into monsters. The traitor is quickly cut down though, so we don’t learn more (at least yet).

As mentioned before, Saitama wins the tournament with ease, though in the final round his wig falls off and he’s disqualified. After finally experiencing “real martial arts”, he’s a bit disappointed, and comes to the conclusion it merely makes you look “cooler” when you fight (in one scene he hilariously tries to make up his own martial arts moves).

At the end of the episode we find out Genos is still alive (Shocker! Not really) and a new, extremely dangerous monster is closing in. What happens next, only time will tell.

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