A Selection of the Strangest How-To Books on Amazon

Greetings presumed blog readers, today we’re going to have a fun blog post. If you’ve ever gone down the rabbit hole that is Amazon books, you’d know that there’s both some pretty cool stuff and pretty strange stuff out there. This is largely due to Amazon’s self-publishing features (it’s quite easy to do, check out my book I published) as well as it’s online nature that tends to cause some somewhat rare or otherwise unheard of books to be sold. Even if for some reason you have searched Amazon for weird books before, a genre you may not have considered is that of “How-To” books. A bit of a joke of a genre, How-To books can still be pretty useful, though in the age of the internet not quite essential. An Unexpected use of some, though, is to make the reader laugh, intentionally or unintentionally. Here are but a few of the highlights I’ve found (all of these are 100% real by the way):

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Some of these books are serious, some are satire, some are problematic, some are unintentionally funny. The world is a wide, wild place and it only makes sense there would be a variety of books to match that.

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