Comment Policy

I welcome and encourage comments on my site, including criticisms and opposing ideas.  However, there are several types of comments which I will not approve.  For your convenience, I’ve created a comment policy below.  While I will make a best-effort attempt to contact you if any comments you post violate my policy so you can edit your comment or at least know why it doesn’t show up, I make no guarantee to do so, especially if you leave false or incomplete credentials when commenting.  Without any further ado, here’s my policy:

  • Any kind of hate speech.
  • Speech that is discriminatory to members of any race, religion, ethnicity, sex, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, former or current military status, etc.
  • Lewd or Strong Language.  Discussion of mature topics and use of non-explicit language is permitted, but the goal of this blog is to remain accessible to as many as possible and maintain at least a semblance of professionalism.  For example, crap or hell is fine, but the F-word is probably not.
  • Spam or promotional content.  While they are definitely plenty of times that including a link or talking about your own site is fine, comments that seem spammy or are irrelevant to the conversation are not likely to be approved.
  • Some topics I discuss may seem to be controversial to some.  As such, a healthy debate is encouraged and I love to hear different opinions.  However, if a comment appears to be antagonistic or argument solely for the sake of argument, I’m probably not going to include it.  This includes harassment of other commenters.
  • Insensitive or distasteful comments will not be allowed.  Examples include but are not limited to jokes about the Holocaust, recent tragedies, or dead babies.
  • Anything else I deem to be inappropriate or distracting from the discussion.

Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines, please keep them in mind when commenting.